Andrew Saffrey - Senior Consultant

MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering MTPS 

Andrew joined the company at the end of 2013 after 8 years working in traffic and highways for local government, and also has experience in property surveying, transport planning and architectural services consultancy.   His skills and knowledge primarily cover holistic street design,cycling infrastructure development, junction modelling (PICADY, ARCADY), multi-modal corridor schemes, stakeholder engagement, parking policy, traffic orders, signage legislation, and CAD.     His most notable achievement is the conceptual design for the Mollison Way improvement scheme in Harrow, and taking the project through public consultation to implementation on the ground.    The scheme was nominated for the 2012 National Transport Awards, and features in Transport for London's "Better Streets Delivered" guidance.

Outside of work, Andrew spends far too much time on Twitter, but is otherwise fascinated by maps, languages, and civic and transport history.   He also enjoys cooking, real ale and music, and occasionally 'collects' football grounds in the course of following Brentford.