Andrew Saffrey - Senior Consultant

MEng (Hons) MTPS

Andrew is a technical specialist in the design and planning of infrastructure for cycling and walking, and urban street design in general. 

Working in the highways industry since graduation in 2004, Andrew has considerable experience in the planning and design of urban transport infrastructure, including 8 years working for local authorities.  This brings with it a keen appreciation of the political, regulatory and financial constraints that shape our streets and traffic networks.  Nevertheless, a firm understanding of good urban design influences Andrew's design approach, which seeks to achieve a holistic and high-quality street environment.  He calls upon his broad understanding of all the competing users of the street and seeks to accommodate them in a harmonious and coordinated manner.  This is also set against the aesthetics of a place, and an appreciation of how enhancements to public realm can have a positive effect on the economic and social functions of a street or town.

Outside of work, Andrew is fascinated by maps, languages, and history – particularly civic and transport history.   He also enjoys travel, cooking, real ale, music, and watching the occasional Brentford FC game.