University of Worcester

The University of Worcester has undergone significant expansion over the past five years which has included the development of new City Centre Campus and Riverside Campus, incorporating the Worcester Arena, as well as continued redevelopment of the main St John's Campus. The expansion of the University has had the inevitable consequence of generating additional travel demand, resulting in increased pressure on the local road infrastructure and Campus car parking.
The promotion of sustainable travel is key to planning the future development of the University as the geography and historic nature of Worcester means that the capacity of the road network within the city is significantly constrained.
GIS software was used to analyse the results of online travel surveys that were completed by both staff and students. This enabled the identification of groups who could be targeted with specific measures such as those that live within a 30 minute commute to the site by public transport.  
Measures promoted within the plan included offering personalised journey planning to staff and students, potential changes to the system of issuing parking permits and the development of a Campus bike share scheme to facilitate sustainable connections between the various University locations.

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