University College Birmingham

University College Birmingham instructed PJA to prepare a Travel Plan document to set out a strategy for achieving a positive shift towards the use of sustainable modes of transport. The purpose of the document was to assist the University in delivering on its carbon reduction objectives and to satisfy planning obligations relating to the development of a new campus.

PJA designed and implemented a web-based interactive travel survey to identify the existing travel patterns and attitudes of both staff and students. GIS software was used to examine the home locations of staff and students in relation to public transport journey time isochrones and indicative walking and cycling catchments.

The survey results and the GIS analysis was then used to derive a package of sustainable travel measures that promoted greater use of public transport, encouraged walking and cycling and advocated increased car-sharing. The strategy also examined ways in which the need to travel could be reduced and ways in which University business travel could be undertaken more sustainably.

PJA also undertook a review of existing best practice in relation to parking management at other similar facilities and made suggestions of how the limited provision at the University could be managed to further encourage trips to be undertaken by sustainable modes and potentially release land for future development.

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