Southwark Cycling Demand Study

LB Southwark was required to prepare a submission to TfL for funding for cycling infrastructure, in line with the recently-published Mayor's Vision for Cycling.

PJA was appointed, in partnership with Professor John Parkin of London South Bank University, to carry out a broad analysis of potential cycling demand, leading to the identification of a strategic borough-wide cycle network.

In the past, and unlike other transport infrastructure, cycle route planning has tended to be opportunistic, looking for routes that can be achieved within a given budget, rather than responding to actual demands. 

John Parkin has prepared a paper on Planning for Cycling for CIHT which sets out a more rational approach, starting with the identification of main desire lines.

This will be published by CIHT as part of their comprehensive 'Streets and Transport in the Urban Environment', edited by Phil Jones.

This approach was taken for the LB Southwark study.  PJA used GIS to map potential cycling journeys from all of the Southwark Wards – journeys to work, for education, shopping and leisure. Phil and John then interpreted this data and prepared an indicative strategic plan of improved routes, taking into account numerous factors including existing and committed Cycle Superhighways, the nature of the Borough's road network, gradients, existing cycling casualties as well as demographic patterns.

The report, which was delivered in draft to local cycling groups for their comment, also includes advice on how investment in the network should be prioritised.

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