Shard End Regeneration, Birmingham

PJA was engaged to provide input to the masterplanning process, working closely with the architects, on the design of the streets, squares and home zones within this site. 

Shard End is an area of mixed housing on the eastern outskirts of Birmingham in need of regeneration and new development. The site was owned by the City Council and Barratt Homes were engaged as development partner to provide additional housing and new community and retail facilities, including a new library.

Parking was highlighted as key concern by local residents through the consultation process, and PJA advised on achieving parking arrangements that would be well-utilised while fitting well within the street scene.

PJA also produced a Transport Assessment to underpin the planning application for the site, which took into account the potential for 'rat-running', a further problem identified by existing residents of the area.

Discussions were held with the local highway authority over the detailed layout of the streets to ensure that theresulting layout was acceptable in both planning and highway adoption terms.

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