Oxfordshire Parking Standards

On behalf of the Oxfordshire Design Partnership, CABE commissioned PJA to analyse the relationships between dwelling type, size, tenure, location and car ownership to assist the local authorities in the production of revised residential parking guidance for the County.

This study built on previous research work produced by PJA for the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG), which led to the development of a draft national matrix of parking standards, based on 2001 Census data. The report of that research was published by DCLG in May 2007, as Residential Car Parking Research. 

The methodology used in the Oxfordshire study followed the recommendations of the DCLG report.  The initial round of research was carried out in two stages. Stage 1 involved the detailed review of car ownership data for Oxfordshire taken from the 2001 Census. The Census data review looked at how car ownership varies across Oxfordshire depending on location, dwelling type, dwelling size and tenure. 

In Stage 2 of the study, questionnaire surveys of 23 recent developments were carried out and the results of these initial surveys were presented in a report to the Design Partnership.  Stage 3 of the research then required a comprehensive set of surveys, carried out via a postal questionnaire.  Draft parking guidance was then prepared based on the results of the research project.

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