Leicester Forest East - Sustainable Urban Extension

Phil Jones Associates was appointed by a consortium of landowners to provide transport consultancy advice in support of a major greenfield development at Leicester Forest East, to the west of Leicester, in Blaby District.

The development, which was planned to deliver some 3,000 dwellings plus associated retail, employment and leisure facilities, was promoted through the Blaby Local Development Framework.

A key feature of the urban extension was the proposal to centre the expanded settlement on the existing A47 Hinckley-Leicester road, which passes through the site. This rural road would be changed in character to become an urban high street, fronted by shops and businesses and with a defined town centre, accessible by foot and cycle from the surrounding area.

The A47 is already well served by buses, with a regular service into Leicester city centre and priority lanes along much of the route. The additional patronage generated by the
development would enable a high frequency service to be provided.

The new development would provide much-needed facilities for the existing dormitory suburb of Leicester Forest East, retaining many of the trips that are currently made to external destinations.

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