Leeds Metropolitan University

Within the campus environment streets make up the majority of the 'public' space. Like many town and city streets, the streets within the campus serve a multitude of purposes. In addition to serving as spaces for movement and traffic, they provide the forum for the everyday campus activities of socialisation including the opportunities for the minor encounters, exchanges and interaction that define social life.

Since the last study of the campus was undertaken in 2002, approaches to street design and the management of traffic has changed. The publication of The Manual for Streets in 2010 signalled a fundamental shift away from the segregation of traffic and pedestrians towards closer integration of movement with other social activities.

In mainland Europe and in the UK, new examples of street design based on low-speed, continuous flow traffic movement with greater emphasis on pedestrian activity are opening up new opportunities for rethinking key streetscapes. The concept of shared space is now established as an appropriate set of principles for complex, mixed use streets.

A series of concept designs for the key junctions and other spaces along the routes were prepared and PJA is working with the University towards implementation.

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