Land at Cotes, Leicestershire

PJA were commissioned to prepare a Transport Assessment and Framework Travel Plan for the development of land at Cotes, in Leicestershire.  The proposals are for a new garden suburb to include up to 975 dwellings, a 1 hectare local centre, 5.5. hectares of employment land, and a new primary school.

As part of the Transport Assessment process an integrated transport strategy was developed for the site to encourage travel by sustainable modes, and to provide vehicular access to the development. The Strategy included:

  • Walking and cycling strategy
  • Public transport strategy
  • Smarter Choices strategy
  • Highway strategy

The masterplan was developed to be fully permeable for pedestrians with direct and convenient connections to bus stops within the site, and the local centre. The Public Rights of Way within the site were retained and supplemented by new pedestrian and cycle links. A new off-road cycle/pedestrian link was designed to connect the site to Loughborough, with further links being provided from the site to a local village.

A public transport strategy was developed which included a new bus service connecting the site to Loughborough. As part of this work formal consultation was held with the bus operators and a business case was prepared which demonstrated that the new service would be commercially viable.

A smarter choices strategy was developed which considered how travel planning would be delivered for the site, and also how this could be rolled out to the wider area in order to deliver reduced car usage on the main routes close to the site.

The highway strategy for the site included the diversion of the A60 Nottingham Road from the current alignment, with a new highway link being provided. The strategy was developed to not only facilitate access to the development, but also to offer benefits to existing residents.

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