Former Grampian Foods Factory, Elmswell, Suffolk

PJA provided transport planning advice to Harrow Estates for the redevelopment of the Former Grampian Foods Factory in Elmswell, Suffolk. A Transport Assessment and Framework Travel Plan were prepared as part of the commission and these included an assessment of the local highway network and the nearby A14 trunk road.

The close proximity of the site access to an at-grade level crossing made this a challenging project, as the highway authority were originally minded to object to the scheme on transport grounds due to pedestrian connectivity across the railway, and the impact of the development on the operation of the level crossing.

Extensive assessments and discussions were held with Network Rail and the Suffolk County Council in order to demonstrate that the impact of the proposals could not be considered to be severe in the context of NPPF. The outline application went to committee with no objection from either Suffolk County Council, Network Rail, or the Highways Agency.


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