Ely Country Park, Cambridgeshire

PJA was appointed in 2008 by Sheils Flynn Architects to work as part of a team in developing proposals for a newly designated Country Park in Ely, with the scheme proposals being co-ordinated by East Cambridgeshire District Council.

The Country Park location was alongside the River Ouse, immediately to the east of the city centre. The proposed Country Park included existing areas which are popular for recreation, including the Roswell Pit area of enclosed water, and frontage on to the River Ouse.

PJA advised the project team on the options for access in to the site, and the anticipated demand for car-parking and travel to and from the Country Park. PJA also advised on the options for cycle and walking routes to the Country Park from the city centre, and the anticipated S106 contributions.

The work carried out by PJA was incorporated as part of the public consultation for the Country Park proposals.

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