Dudley Parking Standards

In 2010, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council commissioned PJA to analyse the local relationships between dwelling type, size, tenure, location and car ownership to assist the local authority in the production of revised residential parking standards for the Borough.

Using a similar methodology to that recommended to DCLG and used in Oxfordshire, census data held by PJA enabled a detailed understanding to be gained of the variation in car ownership across the borough of Dudley, depending on location, dwelling type, dwelling size and tenure.

The 2010 research for Dudley also involved distributing approximately 5,000 questionnaires to dwellings across all wards in Dudley, with a response rate of approximately 70%, which was considered to be a very good response. The results of the surveys were presented together with a set of draft guidance tables for assessing parking requirements for new developments within Dudley.  

The aim was to provide sufficient analysis of both the Census data and the survey results so that officers at Dudley MBC could prepare a new Supplementary Planning Document setting out parking standards.  The Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Review was subsequently adopted on 20th June 2012.


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