Croydon High Streets

Croydon is an important urban centre in outer London, with significant retail and employment uses set within dense residential surroundings. Although it remains relatively prosperous, the streets and public realm across the centre are tired and overly dominated by motor traffic. This and the damage done in the riots of 2011, provided justification for a comprehensive set of improvements – Connected Croydon.

PJA was appointed as part of a team of professionals, led by Project Centre, to develop proposals for the 'High Streets' project, covering the main north-south route through the town together with the tight network of streets in Croydon Old Town.

These streets suffer problems typical of busy mixed places – relatively narrow carriageways and corridors, with high competing demands for travel by all modes, car and cycle parking, loading and bus stops.

PJA developed a principal cycle network for the town, with clear eastwest and north-south routes and links to the two railway stations. At present cycling is made very difficult due to the complex one-way system and a ban on cycles in the pedestrianised core.

Options were developed for the main trafficked routes including possible off-carriageway tracks inside car parking in a Dutch-style and protected lanes using semi-segregation.

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