Craigavon Town Centre

The designation of the new city of Craigavon in 1965 envisaged the development of a substantial new commercial area between the existing town centres of Portadown and Lurgan.

This was to be the principal focus for the new city of 180,000 inhabitants but its failure to grow to anything like its projected population has meant that the new town centre at Rushmere is relatively small in floorspace terms.

However, its ability to meet modern retailer requirements in terms of unconstrained greenfield sites, floorplates, mall type environment, convenient car based access and parking together with its role as a shared place has made it much more successful in attracting investment from the high street multiples. 

PJA was appointed as subconsultant to Tribal Urban Studio to develop a Commercially-led vision for the three centres, with each developing a distinct role. Central to this was the identification of redevelopment sites, mainly in the ownership of the public sector.

PJA was required to establish an overall transport vision for the town centres and to specify access requirements.

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