Birmingham City Council Greenbelt Study

PJA has been commissioned by Birmingham City Council to provide a transport appraisal of a number of strategic development options within the Greenbelt, to the north of the City. The objective of the study is to consider the best location for an urban extension, which could provide up to 10,000 homes and employment uses.

The first stage of the commission will involve helping BCC to define the land uses that will support the development, and therefore limit the need for people to make longer distance journeys. Our advice will also focus on providing guidance on the level of transport infrastructure and services required to ensure that any development is sustainable and well connected.

The next stage will be to appraise the transport networks in and around each of the development options, this will include a review of the capacity and performance of the walk, cycle, public transport, and highway networks. We will also appraise the availability and accessibility of complementary land uses in each of the surrounding areas, to establish whether they provide the amenities that the development itself may not provide within the site.

A Capacity Assessment Framework will then be developed to provide a comprehensive audit tool to appraise the transport constraints of each potential development area. Following the identification of a preferred option, we will develop a spreadsheet based travel demand model which will forecast travel demand, and this will be used to establish a Transport Infrastructure Strategy to support the development.

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