Barnet Town Centre

LB Barnet received capital funding from the Outer London Fund to improve the public realm within Barnet town centre. The existing layout, which carries some 29,000 vehicles per day, is highly visually-intrusive and has a poor accident record.

PJA constructed a Vissim microsimulation model of the town centre SCOOT system, based on the current signal timings of the network. Working with urban designers from Project Centre, the team produced a draft design which involved the removal of the existing signals, including the controlled crossings. These were replaced with informal raised crossings on key pedestrian desire lines.

The Vissim model was used to assess the traffic implications of the changes, based on bespoke rules of driver and pedestrian interaction. The results showed that traffic delays
would increase slightly as a result of the scheme but these disbenefits would be balanced by fewer road accidents and a much improved public realm. LB Barnet is now considering the findings of the study.

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