PJA appointed to update DfT Cycling Infrastructure Design guidance

PJA appointed to update DfT Cycling Infrastructure Design guidance

PJA is set to help refresh a key Department of Transport document which provides guidance on the design of cycle infrastructure for the benefit and safety of both cyclists and pedestrians.

We have landed the high profile work on “Cycling Infrastructure Design” (Local Transport Note 2-08) as part of a consortium led by WSP.

PJA will be responsible for reviewing and updating the guidance to bring it into line with modern standards – which will include introducing new types of cycle infrastructure that have been developed in recent years as well as legislative changes to signing regulations. The review is due to complete early next year.
PJA Associate Director Adrian Lord said: “The growth of cycling is increasingly recognised as an important element in local and regional transport plans, complementing public transport and reducing the demand for short car trips. As numbers of cyclists increase, the quality, safety and capacity of existing cycle infrastructure has come under increasing scrutiny, driving the demand for improved guidance. Naturally, we are very pleased to be appointed to work on such a major piece of national guidance.”

Our appointment follows previous commissions to develop new design guidance for Highways England and for Transport for the West Midlands. Earlier this year, PJA also delivered a series of technical workshops to council staff and their consultants across the greater West Midlands area and for the Welsh Government as part of a refresh of the Active Travel Guidance.


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